Course Maps

LTCR2019 Course Map – Click through to download the overall course map.

Congratulations to Cabot for the 100 years of goodness and thank you for sponsoring our new Cabot 100 Mile routes.

100 Mile Participants will be entered in a raffle and one lucky person will walk away with 100 lbs of Cabot Cheese!

Rides are mapped out on MapMyRide. Click on the route that you’re interested in:

100-Mile:  The Cabot 100 Mile: Easier Route
100-Mile:  The Cabot 100 Mile: More Difficult Route
5K:  The 5K starts on the 20-mile route, travels about 2 miles out on Route 100A, loops around on Hale Hollow Road, then travels back on 100A to the brewery.

Mountain Bike at Killington Bike Park