Fundraiser Toolkit

Let’s Get Started

Are you excited about fundraising for Vermont Adaptive and supporting its mission and athletes… but not quite sure how to start? One of the main reasons people don’t get the support they hope for is that they don’t ask and/or they don’t ask enough.

First and foremost, get motivated! Be passionate about your cause and why you’re supporting it.

To help you get started, think about the following questions in advance in your mind so that you have a good “script” when talking to family and friends about the ride:

  • How have disabilities impacted my life?
  • Why am I involved in the Vermont Adaptive Charity Challenge?
  • How has Vermont Adaptive positively impacted my life or the lives of my family and friends?
  • What would I ask others do to help with this cause?

DOWNLOAD – How to Set Up A Fundraising Page & Get Started

Email Templates – How to Ask for a Donation, or Say Thanks When You Receive One!

Here are a few email templates that will give you some examples and ideas of what to write and how to share and ask for donations.

Email Template #1 – Tell Your Story & Ask for a Donation

Download the email template here.

Email Template #2 – Follow Up and Ask for a Donation

Download the email template here.

Email Template #3 – You’re Invited and Final Ask

Download the email template here.


Share Vermont Adaptive’s “This is Vermont Adaptive” Video with Your Donors

If you’re donors want to know what it is you are supporting, share this video with them. You’ll hear from and see athletes, staff and volunteer and learn more about why Vermont Adaptive is so important to the community it serves.

Watch the video here and share.


Share Your Fundraising Success! New Graphics for You To Use on Social Media.

Download these graphics and let folks know how you’re doing, and how they can help you reach your goal.