Road Bike Routes


Weather Changes: Update as of Thursday, June 15, 2023

Please Note: Due to the impending weather forecast of steady rain and cooler temperatures, the 87- and 60- mile road routes and gravel rides are cancelled. We encourage you to choose the 20-mile road route, or mountain bike, paddle or hike, or participate virtually.

All activities are designed for you to participate at your own leisure. The times below are suggested windows of time for you to start your activity so that you will be finished in time to enjoy the festival in the afternoon.

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20-Mile Route

10:30 a.m. – 20-mile start leaving from the Skyeship Base Area Route 4, Killington

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2.5 Mile Fun Route 

11 a.m. – An easy 2.5 mile “out and back” leaving from the Skyeship Base Area Route 4, Killington, and going on Mission Farm Road and then back to Skyeship.

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