Virtual Charity Challenge

The 2021 Vermont Adaptive Virtual Charity Challenge begins today!


While physically hosting the 11th anniversary of the Vermont Adaptive Charity Challenge isn’t possible again this year due to the pandemic, we are determined to celebrate this event with the best virtual challenge possible now through June 19, 2021.

There are even more ways to participate virtually in 2021: ride, stationary bike, run, walk, roll, do exercise classes, horseback ride, swim, whatever you want – just get moving! Participate anytime and anywhere…from the safety of your own home or neighborhood.

How It Works – 

  1. Sign Up for the 11th Annual Vermont Adaptive Charity Challenge as a virtual participant.  
  2. Join the Free Vermont Adaptive Strava Club and create your individual profile for the virtual challenge. 
    1. Use a different App to track your fitness? That’s fine – track your journey however you want and manually enter your activity into Strava to be entered to win weekly prizes.
  3. Then:
    1. Set your fundraising and riding goals.
    2. Ride a stationary bike, ride around town, hit the dirt, walk, stroll, roll, hike, hop on your Peleton or trainers and log your miles using your Strava Club account or your App. OR ride a horse, swim, do yoga classes – whatever activity or sport you want – just set your personal goal and get after it!
    3. Capture yourself (selfie time!) of you, inside, outside or wherever, and send a pic to [email protected] with your story of why you’re participating virtually for Vermont Adaptive.
    4. Share your journey on Social Media and make sure to tag Vermont Adaptive.
      Facebook: @vtadaptive // Instagram: @vermontadaptive // Twitter: @vtadaptive
      #sportsforeverybody   #vtadaptive  #VACC2021 #vermontadaptivecharitychallenge
    5. Create a team and get your community involved virtually (social distancing please!) in healthy activities.
    6. Be on the lookout for weekly prize contests from the Vermont Adaptive Virtual Charity Challenge Sponsors 

The fun starts today –  let’s get moving together. Join our virtual training group and start logging your miles and activity (and fundraising!) before June 19th. 

Stay connected. Stay active. Help us celebrate our biggest event yet!

On Saturday, June 19, join us virtually from anywhere in the world! 

Questions about how to register and fundraising? Email Lexi at [email protected]
Questions about The Charity Challenge? Email Jeff at [email protected].